Leicester Writes Short Story Prize Anthology

Leicester Writes Short Story Prize Anthology DESCRIPTION: The Leicester Writes Short Story Prize was set up to celebrate the short story form. The prize, open to writers all over the world, invites short stories of up to 3000 words on any theme or subject. In our inaugural year we received more than a hundred entries […]

Dividing Lines

Dividing Lines DESCRIPTION: Launched at the Birmingham Literature Festival Spring Edition, Dividing Lines is wonderful collection of stories shortlisted for The Asian Writer Short Story Prize which introduces 13 exciting new voices and their writing. “These writers have all made the theme of borders, boundaries and belonging their own, providing us with a huge variety […]

Welcome to Leicester

Welcome to Leicester Poems about the city DESCRIPTION: Taking inspiration from the city of Leicester, this new anthology brings together poems which celebrate the city. Like a much-loved family member, Leicester’s faults are acknowledged but tempered with a huge deal of affection. As one of the most plural and diverse cities in the world, this […]

Lost and Found

Lost and Found Stories of home by Leicestershire writers DESCRIPTION: Here is an anthology of original and diverse stories on the theme of home by Leicestershire writers – with contributions from authors such as Alison Moore, Jamie Mollart, Jonathan Taylor and Irfan Master as well as exciting new voices published for the first time. This […]

Love across a broken map

Love across a broken map DESCRIPTION: From London to Goa, Manchester to Mumbai, tales that span start-ups, girl crushes, virtual gigolos, obsessive fans and astrological mishaps. This eclectic mix of short stories from The Whole Kahani explore love and loss across the dividing lines of culture, race and ethnicity. Love is celebrated, broken and forgotten; is embraced […]

Flying Goats in Agadir

Flying Goats in Agadir DESCRIPTION: Set against the backdrop of post-colonial Morocco, three couples – Susan and Daoud, Elizabeth and Mahmoud, our narrator and her beloved, share their stories of life and love, at home and abroad. Susan and Daoud find themselves unable to be of service to the causes they care about; Elizabeth and […]

When Ali Met Honour

When Ali Met Honour DESCRIPTION: Ali’s a Muslim. Honour’s an atheist. When Ali and Honour meet on a student night out, they fall head over heels in love. But Ali’s a Muslim and his parents want him to marry a girl in Pakistan. And Honour’s an atheist and doesn’t believe in marriage. Soon Ali’s leading […]

Beyond the Border

Beyond the Border New Writing from British Asian women DESCRIPTION: Featuring some of the sharpest writing from new and emerging talent An anxious new mother contemplates life without the baby; a young brides watches the love of her life walk away on her wedding day; a boy receives a surprise birthday gift; two neighbours come […]

Finding Takri

Finding Takri DESCRIPTION: My Grandmother Takri was the only person who remembered the date I was born. ‘She said it was the fifteenth of the Punjabi month of Chet,’ my mother told me. ‘It was your father who was wrong.’ Twelve year old Takri is quickly married to Basant, leaving her heart in the village […]

Five Degrees

Five Degrees DESCRIPTION: Launched in 2012 The Asian Writer Short Story Prize set out to discover and recognise the very best new writing emerging from Asian writers. presents fourteen short stories short-listed in this year’s competition.Launched in 2012 The Asian Writer Short Story Prize set out to discover and recognise the very best new writing […]