Beyond the Border

Beyond the Border New Writing from British Asian women DESCRIPTION: Featuring some of the sharpest writing from new and emerging talent An anxious new mother contemplates life without the baby; a young brides watches the love of her life walk away on her wedding day; a boy receives a surprise birthday gift; two neighbours come […]

Finding Takri

Finding Takri DESCRIPTION: My Grandmother Takri was the only person who remembered the date I was born. ‘She said it was the fifteenth of the Punjabi month of Chet,’ my mother told me. ‘It was your father who was wrong.’ Twelve year old Takri is quickly married to Basant, leaving her heart in the village […]

Five Degrees

Five Degrees DESCRIPTION: Launched in 2012 The Asian Writer Short Story Prize set out to discover and recognise the very best new writing emerging from Asian writers. presents fourteen short stories short-listed in this year’s competition.Launched in 2012 The Asian Writer Short Story Prize set out to discover and recognise the very best new writing […]

Inspector Bucket and the Beast

Inspector Bucket and the Beast DESCRIPTION: London, 1851. The mortuaries are full with victims of a brutal child killer and the city is in a state of alarm. The newspapers are rife with rumour. Who is the Beast and where will he strike next? Young Will Jakesbere travels to London hoping to report on the […]

Bombay Baby

Bombay Baby DESCRIPTION: Tina is torn between her Scottish parents and her Indian roots.  In the months leading to her eighteenth birthday she decides to find that missing piece of her life. Tina embarks on a journey, that will change her life forever, to India to find the woman she might otherwise have called mum. […]

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me A collection of contemporary Asian writing A beautiful collection of contemporary new voices from across the South Asian diaspora. The Asian Writer was launched in 2007 as a new online literary magazine to showcase the best of Asian writing and offer a platform to promote emerging writers. This debut collection brings […]