Please follow our submission guidelines before sending your submission.

Working with a publisher is often the beginning of bringing your book to market. Your publisher will see your manuscript through to publication. When your work lands in our submissions pile, we carefully assess if we think it matches our tastes (we only want to publish the best fiction).

If we do say ‘No’ it’s not usually a case that your work is terrible and no one will ever publish it. It just means that we can’t publish you. It’s not by any means the end of the world. Sometimes we ask you look at working on certain things before re-submitting, sometimes we just say ‘It’s not for us.’ Do keep on trying, there are many many publishers out there, all with their own tastes.

If we say ‘Yes’ we will email you. Sometimes we have lots of submissions and it can take us eight weeks to get back to you with a positive response. We’re happy for you to send out your work to more than one publisher, but do let us know if somebody else is interested. We will let you know what we loved about your book and if you’re happy to, send us the entire manuscript. At this stage, we are interested in your work but might not always offer to publish. If we are, we will send you an offer of publication – a publishing contract. We advise all our writers to have their contracts checked with the Society of Authors, and then once you’ve signed and returned your contract we will ask you to be patient while we have a closer reading of your work. The entire process from contract to publication can take up to one year, if not longer.



For a quick response send us your pitch via Twitter directly to @farhanashaikh in 140 characters or less.


Send us a covering letter, a synopsis and the first three chapters or 10,000 words of your manuscript.

Send your manuscript on A4 white paper, Times New Roman in 12pt, double spaced to:

Submissions Dept, Dahlia Publishing Ltd, 6 Samphire Close, Hamilton, Leicester, LE5 1RW

Or email us at


Please send us your covering letter in the body of your email.

Please address your letter to Farhana Shaikh.

Please tell us a little bit about your manuscript and why you write.

Please tell us why you would like to work with a small publisher.

Submissions that fail to follow these guidelines will be deleted. 


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