ISSUE 2 / Summer 22

Theme: Water/fall


Under the Waterfall ~ Farhana Shaikh        


Attrition ~ Anne Macauley                      

bathtime, the day I became a woman ~  Shekina Rose  

Before the River Was Dammed ~ Charles Legget      

Bruce ~ André Le Mont Wilson                    

Tidal Mouth ~ Maija Haavisto                     

Lost Sounds ~ Mariyam Karolia                   

Flash Fiction

Vantage Points ~ Charlotte Crowder           

Mother Under Water ~ Janaki Brolin           

Before the Waters Rose ~ Terri Mullholland                                          

The Distance Between Us ~ Elinor Johns     

Creative non-fiction

Eau de la vie: becoming who we are ~ Sue Morón                                                     

Langkawi ~ Caryn Tan                                 

Short Stories

Anyone in the Waves ~ Rashi Rohatgi         


Mont Blanc: Lines Written in the Vale of Chamouni ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley                    

The Alfoxden Journal: extract ~ Dorothy Wordsworth                       

Views of Society and Manners in America: extract ~ Frances Wright               


Sabrina Mahfouz ~ Farhana Shaikh            


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