Leicester Writes Short Story Prize 2021




The Leicester Writes Short Story Prize was set up to celebrate the short story form. The prize, open to writers all over the world, invites short stories of up to 3,500 words on any theme or subject. 

Our 2021 judging panel included writers Rebecca Burns, Melissa Fu and Dan Powell.

This anthology presents the writing of 19 talented writers featured on this year’s longlist.

Featuring: Joe Bedford, Danny Beusch, Penny Blackburn, Raluca Comanelea, Tracy Fahey, Katherine Hetzel, Megan Holland, Iqbal Hussain, Marcus Jones, Vaishali K, Jay Kelly, Alan Kennedy, Hanne Larsson, Rebecca Martin, Sherry Morris, Leeor Ohayon, Aisha Phoenix, Sam M. Wait, Barbara Weeks.     

ISBN: 9781913624064

PUBLICATION DATE: 25th September 2021

FORMAT: Paperback

PRICE: £10