In the Kitchen




“In the Kitchen is an anthology which showcases the best of food-inspired writing, with each beguiling story interpreting the theme in a different way. Food, in the hands of these writers, becomes a route into our memories, into magic, rebellion, grief and joy.” CG Menon

“This anthology is like a box of treats, one to dip into and savour the delights it offers, one day at a time, or dive into it completely to satiate your hunger!” Susmita Bhattacharya

A young woman attempts to cook her mum’s enchiladas. A boy finds arepas, and the woman who makes them for breakfast, irresistible. Astay-at-home mum realises that her sparklingly clean kitchen isn’t so perfect after all. 

This collection is a surprising platter of delightful and peculiar short stories by new and established writers that allow you to lose yourself in their magic.


Featuring writers Talim Arab, Rachel Beresford-Davies, Dianne Bown-Wilson, Mona Dash, Sarah Evans, Vanessa Jarrett, Emily Monaco, Thomas Morgan, Angela Readman, Madeehah Reza, Reshma Ruia, JP Sanders, Nasia Sarwar-Skuse, Janet H. Swinney, Vanessa Timothy, Jane Wagar, Julia Wood, Alison Woodhouse, Rabi’atu T. Yakubu, Karen Yu.

ISBN:  9781913624033

PUBLICATION DATE: 2nd October 2020

FORMAT: Paperback

PRICE: £10